my-t-chai Rooibos Spiced Tea –120 servings BOXED


my-t-chai Rooibos Spiced Tea –120 servings BOXED



12 Single packs consisting of 240 servings individually wrapped.

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Herbal Rooibos tea sourced from South Africa, uniquely blended with selected spices to provide you with a delicious cup of naturally caffeine free tea.

It is so good you want steep a second cup, which will most likely taste even better than the first one.



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12 Boxes with 240 individually wrapped servings.

Unique blend of caffeine free, antioxidant rich South African Rooibos herbal tea and traditional Indian masala spices.

A wholesome, naturally sweet tasting chai with tantalizing aroma and exotic flavours.

Sachets are individually packed for optimum retention of freshness with string and tag to assist safer and more hygienic preparation.

Let the bag steep for 5 minutes to let the flavours develop fully.

Enjoy hot or cold – with or without milk or sweetener.

Ingredients: Superior Grade Rooibos herbal tea, Cinnamon bark, Cardamom seed, Ginger root, Clove bud,