Our tea is packed in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town, South Africa in a BRC Food Safety accredited facility.

Yes. Our manufacturing process meets BRC Grade A Global Standard for Food Safety standards.

The flavours and taste of it’s perfectly blended wholesome ingredients. No artificial flavours , colourants or preservatives added, just pure rooibos herb and real spices.

Both rooibos herb and all the spices in my-t-chai have been used traditionally for centuries to hydrate and soothe all ages, including kids and babies.*

First of all, congrats on your little bundle of love! When you are pregnant or breastfeeding your body is going through some major changes and no two women are the same. The my-t-chai spiced rooibos tea blends are traditionally considered safe while pregnant or breastfeeding, but you should always consult with your doctor regarding the ingredients to ensure it is approved for you. *

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To order, you must be of the age of maturity as defined by your province or state. If you’re not an adult, please have a parent or guardian make your purchase for you.

We only ship to addresses in United States (Main Land) and Canada – if you live elsewhere please contact Daniel du Toit – salescanada@mytchai.com– mobile +1(204)720-5403.

Yes for all orders over $30

We ship within 3 working days from Ontario (if you in Canada) or New Jersey (if you in United States). Delivery will be within 3 to 7 working days after shipping depending on your delivery address.

Yes- even though we know everyone loves my-t-chai –if you do not, please send us all unopened packs back and we will refund you.

. In Hindi (language in India) chai tea would mean TEA because CHAI means TEA in Hindi. In most English speaking countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom etc. it means tea made with spices, implying India’s concept of masala chai – or maybe more correctly translated, spiced tea and not chai tea.

. No, but it seems the word chai always have a positive meaning like the concept of masala chai/spiced tea. In Hebrew it means “life, alive, living” and in Nigerian it means something delightfully wonderful or as they say in Nigerian pidgin, something that is “sweeting you”. It can be also be directly translated to the English word “wow”. Just like our Rooibos Chai taste – WOW

* NOTE: Please note that our mentioning of traditional use do not constitute medical advice. Always consult your doctor regarding the use of any prepared food to ensure it is approved for you or your children.