Tantalizing aroma

Exotic flavours from South Africa and India

Enjoy Hot or Cold

Wholesome and healthy tea for everyone


Caffeine Free

Low in Tannins


It is a smooth, gentle & calming tea

In keeping with our initial vision to create a chai tea company that offers healthy alternatives to the existing brands, we pride ourselves in providing the healthiest and best teas available by utilising the finest ingredients in an uncomplicated way.

My T Chai is authentic masala chai, made simple. Combining Indian and African traditions, our teas are a blend of natural flavour, health and enjoyment. Free from additives and synthetic compounds. Our recipes have been refined over time to yield a delicate balance of sweet and hot flavours in every cup, certain to tantalize your palette, comfort and relax, leaving you feeling at peace with yourself and the world.

Our Rooibos chai is a blend of choice spices and superior grade rooibos tea, is a great caffeine free and antioxidant rich cup of chai (tea).

Now available to USA and Canadian citizens.


"Drink your Tea slowly and reverently, as if the entire world revolves on it, slowly and without rushing toward the future. Be in the moment, for only this moment is life."
Nick Harris